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About Us
About MOT: Who we are and what we do.

Mini Owners of Texas (MOT) was founded to give Mini Owners throughout Texas (and beyond) a means to communicate with each other and share their knowledge and interest in all things Mini.

The group originated as a loose-knit gathering of Mini enthusiasts linked by just an email list and a common interest in these wonderful, little British cars.  The founding members decided they were best served by being an informal group without any of the usual trappings of a formal car club.  The group retains its informal heritage in that it does not have any formal structure, meetings, dues, officers or even bylaws.

The group has grown considerably since taking our name in 1998.  Various members eagerly tracked the development of the new MINI as it was created to replace the classic Mini after 41 years of production.  Now MOT members embrace both series: the venerable classic Mini and the new modern MINI.  Here you will find many knowledgeable people for both.

From the humble beginnings of just an email list the group now offers this website and forum as a medium for keeping in touch and sharing.  Please share with the group as it grows and brings together its knowledge and stories in this new format.

The group does take part in different activities throughout the calendar year.  Various members in the large metropolitan areas (Dallas - Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin) try to form impromptu get-together for socializing.  Members from around the state take part in several well-known car shows.  Some take part in community-sponsored events such as Christmas parades, 4th of July celebrations, and charity events.  The group also has begun a tradition of a MOT only Spring Drive in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  Besides the social and street car oriented members, there are also members active in motorsports such as autocross and vintage racing.  So, ...

Whether your interest is a restored classic Mini ...

... a race prepared car ...

... or a new MINI ...

You will find a home with MOT!

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