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Owner: MOTadmin

12 items
These are clubs thought to be no longer active (defunct).  They are listed as such in the .doc file under the Club Logos album.
62 items
This contains the data for a list of other Mini/MINI clubs.  There is a .doc file containing the text associated for the page.  These are clubs last known to be active per the old wiki site.
15 items
This contains the raw files for several articles pages.  It is recommended to build a 'list' page of available article titles as links to individual pages for each article.  The text for each article is in its own .doc file.  One article is the start of a "Wheel Dictionary" for which the pictures are support files.

6 items
This contains the data for Events 2004.  There is one .doc file with the text and several pictures supporting one of the events described in the text.
26 items
This contains the data for the Event 2003 page.  There are two .doc files - the parent .doc file is Events and the "child .doc is TXABCD.  The rest are the pictures suporting the text within primarily the parent .doc file:
  grapevine = Grapevine Lake related
  HST_ = Houston 'Black Lab' pub meet
  hillcountry = Hill Country Rendezvous
  (others fit as per text)

53 items
This contains the data and pictures for the Events 2002 page.  There are several .doc files.  The parent .doc is Events 2002.doc and describes the original page, though there are several broken links (hosting changes over time).  Pictures are associated to the text within the parent .doc file or the child .doc files as noted:
  parade = Friendswood event
  rockwall = Rockwall event
  (all others) = MMSW
8 items
This contains the data for the Mini40th page.  The .doc file contains the text and the pictures are associated to captions within the text.
29 items
This contains the data for Events 2001.  There are 5 .doc files with the text for each of the covered events.  The pictures are named to associate them to the correct .doc files:
  DIP# = Dallas in the Park
  HST_ = Houston Mini Meet
  mc# = Mini Challenge
  SA_ = San Antonio Mini Meet
  tx = TXABCD2001
21 items
This contains the Event 2000 data.  There are 3 .doc files - one for each of the covered events.  The pictures are titled to reference the .doc file they associated with:
  DFW = DFW Gathering,
  tws = MOT at TWS,
  Page1_ & Page2_ = TXABCD (document has 2 pages of content)
38 items
This contains the content for the early history page: History 1998-2000.
The .doc file has the text as from the wiki site.  The rest are the pictures named in the order they belong inserted into the text.
23 items
Logos and pictures used in creating the site.
2 items
2 items
My new toy - '81 Mini City - imported from England
2 items
New brakes and wheels for the old girl
2 items
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