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Title: Shocks
Post by: John Lieberman on April 27, 2019, 05:33:35 PM
If you're looking to replace or upgrade the shocks on your Classic Mini, without going overboard, I found a deal today.  The '81 that I imported from England is in dire need of shocks so I've been shopping online.  Mini Sport has a special on right now.  Four Bilstein B4 gas-charged shocks for a little over $88.  Add in shipping from the UK to the US and it comes to a little over $117.  Search BIL19KIT on their website.

Title: Re: Shocks
Post by: BritBits on May 06, 2019, 09:46:00 PM
Wow, that's a great price.   I looked at one of the big suppliers, one front shock is $151.   Ouch!

For grins I looked at Rock Auto.   They actually do have some bits and pieces for the classic Mini, sometimes they have closeouts that are deals.   The Bilstein B8 (shortened suspension) is $73 ea for the fronts.

I'm just curious if anyone has found any 10" tires other than the Yoko A008 or A032 available here in the US?


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Title: Re: Shocks
Post by: John Lieberman on May 06, 2019, 10:29:45 PM
Shocks arrived today, Jim, and they really look and feel great.  Hope they perform as well as they look.  I just dread the thought of having to drain and remove the gas tank to get to the left rear!! 

I don't know of any place here in the US that sells 10-inch automotive tires -- or even 12-inch, for that matter -- except for the Mini parts houses.  And they want an arm and a leg for them.  I typed my 12-inch tire size for Lil Red into Google and came up with several suppliers in the UK and elsewhere around the world but nothing here in the US.  I found one place in the UK where I can get them for about half of what they're selling for here in the US.  Even with shipping, I would still come out ahead.


Title: Re: Shocks
Post by: BritBits on May 06, 2019, 10:54:14 PM
Thanks John,

I've seen A008s for about $109 (yeah, slightly crazy) from one of the major discounters.   I need to put something newer on the '63 Cooper, it's still sitting on the A008s I bought in 1993.   The fronts are down below the wear bars... ;)

I probably should stick with the A008s, I had Pirelli P3s on an Opel in college in the mid 80s and they were way cool... and on the Mini it felt like I was on 4 marshmallows.  That was when Pep Boys still sold P3s in 10" size.   



Title: Re: Shocks
Post by: John Lieberman on May 06, 2019, 11:34:26 PM
Hoosier makes a great 10-inch slick, Jim, that a lot of guys I know are running on their FM cars.  But I don't know if they make anything in a 10-inch R-comp tire that would be anywhere near equivalent to the A008.  However, it might be worth a search on their website.  Finding decent rubber in that size is getting to be just about impossible here in the US.

Title: Re: Shocks
Post by: MPlayle on May 06, 2019, 11:53:04 PM
Dan (94touring) on the RestorationMini forum found some by American Racer in 10" for about $72 per tire.  He said you have to call and order them.  They are not listed on the website, but are in the downloadable catalog.

Title: Re: Shocks
Post by: John Lieberman on May 07, 2019, 12:24:06 AM
I know a couple of guys who run American Racer slicks on their Prepared autox cars and they swear by them.  I don't know what they make in anything other than a slick but it would certainly be worth pursuing.

Title: Re: Shocks
Post by: BritBits on May 09, 2019, 10:31:23 PM
John and Michael, thanks for the info.   I'm looking for street tires for a stock looking Mini on 10" rims.    I know I can find some 10" tires on ebay, just not happy with the source, if there's something wrong or the tires are ancient I'd be stuck.   When I bought the P3s from Pep Boys they had to replace one they destroyed during installation, and there was another tire that they probably had damaged but I put up with it.   It's on one of the projects so I can roll it around and it's 25+ years old so I won't use it on the street.

One of the Mini parts suppliers had Yoko A509s which were close to the AVSi tires, but allowed a bit more slip.   Back in the late 90s I managed to sneak into a Discount tires "ride and drive" on all the Yokohama tires at the time.   The A008s were trashed before I got a chance, but I found the AVSi tires that I normally ran on my daily driver were a bit more sticky than the A509s, so I could hustle the Mustang convertible around a bit better with the A509s on their short slalom course.

Then again the ones I've seen have been 50% more than A008s... guess I know what I'm going to buy for the next street car.

In 1995 I put Yoko A008G tires on the 13" Revolutions on the race Mini.   They are a street compound, 4 autocross weekends, 1 Solo divisional and 2 vintage weekends plus day to day driving on the street barely put wear on them.  Really fun through the infield at Texas World Speedway.  If I win the lottery I'll commission a custom run from Yokohama.


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Title: Re: Shocks
Post by: John Lieberman on May 09, 2019, 11:53:02 PM
I put A509s on my Shelby Charger way back when.  At first, they felt really "greasy" on the street.  But after about 100 miles on the street and a couple of autocrosses, they really started to come in nicely.  The were still on the car when I traded it for my Daytona Shelby Z.