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Parts Equivalency
Parts Equivalency data

Modern equivalent parts for classic Minis

This list has been put together with contributions from many MOT members.  These parts and consumables can generally be found at parts stores in the USA and fit the classic Mini: (Note: Links are not guaranteed to still be accurate.  They were known to be correct at the time this article was originally compiled.)

Parts Types:

    * 1 Air Filters
    * 2 Spark Plugs
    * 3 Spin-on Oil Filters
    * 4 Canister Oil Filters
    * 5 Points
    * 6 Distributor Condenser
    * 7 Alternator
    * 8 Oil
    * 9 Rear wheel cylinders (and rebuild kits)
    * 10 Starter solenoid
    * 11 Starter
    * 12 Carburetor
    * 13 Generic 12v coils
    * 14 Head Gasket
    * 15 Thermostat
    * 16 Hydraulic Brake Light Switch

Air Filters:

Here is a list of the "stock" replacement K&N air filters for different Minis.

K&N Part numbers:

    * E-9172 SPI and MPI
    * E-2601 1275 single carb 1.5" Stock air box also fits AA
    * E-9001 Use 2 for Cooper S or 1 Mini 850.
    * E-2600 Stock 1 3/4 air box

Another way to look at it:

    * E-9001 Carburetor models 1959 to 1974
    * E-2600 Carburetor models 1974 to 1982
    * E-2601 Carburetor models 1982 onwards
    * E-9172 Fuel Injected models

Spark Plugs:

When it comes to spark plugs, a little "performance" tip here: Mazda 12A (NOT 13B) rotary engine plugs (NGK or Nippon Denso).  Just tell the guy at the parts counter that you need plugs for an early 80s RX7.  Everybody thinks the 4-electrode plug is something new and innovative.  Mazda's been using them since the First Gen RX7 and the old RX3 & RX4!  Also, if you can find them (usually at an old VW parts shop) the Bosche Super W7DTC copper core plugs work as well.

Spin-on Oil Filters:

The filter for mid-80s Chrysler 2.2L engines (Omni, Charger, Horizon, etc.) fits and works perfectly.

    * AC DELCO 93156323
    * AC DELCO 25011520 (PF 53)
    * AMSOIL SDF-57
    * BECK/ARNLEY 0418988
    * BOSCH 72150
    * BOSCH DistancePlus D3330
    * FRAM PH966B
    * FRAM PH2870A
    * FRAM PH3614
    * K&N HP1002
    * K&N PS-1002
    * MANN 056 115 561G
    * NAPA 1374
    * PUROLATOR L10028
    * PUROLATOR L10241 Metro 1.3L
    * UNIPART GFE148
    * WIX WL7142
    * Mobil M1 102

Canister Oil Filters:

If you still have the oil filter canister that takes a cartridge, the old Fram part number is CH816PL.


For a Lucas distributor - ask for a Contact Set for an MG 1300, part number MPE CS207SB Points 45d4 distributor (red) RTC 364 Blue Streak Lucas LU-1685 NAPA # ECH CS208

Distributor Condenser:

Again - ask about an MG of similar vintage, part number MPE EP29SB.

The kid behind the sales counter at AutoZone claimed that you can't buy separate condensers and that you need an entire distributor - but the very next day, at the same store, the guy looked it up and they had it in stock.  BE PERSISTANT!


Ask for one for a mid 70's MG Midget.

Delco (Saturn et al) alternators can also be made to work in a Mini.  See Wes Stewart's write up on how to do the upgrade.

Bosch 13107 ('79 Ford Fiesta) alternators are a bolt-on replacement (with removal or replacement of plastic alt. plug) for alternator equipped Minis. See for details.


The recommended oil "weight" for classic Minis is 20W50 for most climates. This is because the oil does double duty as engine oil and transmission oil. In very cold climates, 10W40 is recommended (occasionally 5W30 in REALLY cold areas). In most of those climates, folks are "storing" their Minis indoors for the winter.

Select any brand of oil that has a high ZDDP content such as Valvoline Racing brand.

Rear wheel cylinders (and rebuild kits):

These are the same as the MG Midget. Not as common anymore but you're more likely to have the parts robot (person) find a 1980 MG Midget than a 1963 Mini Cooper in the catalog/computer.

Starter solenoid:

(Per Steve Baker.)
My Limey one started to give me trouble. I ordered a new one. It crapped out in a month. Now I have a heavy duty one for a Ford truck. Almost all the Ford solenoids will work. They have an extra terminal on them.  Looking at the front, the small terminal on the right is the start switch.


(Per Steve Baker.)
I have no idea what it is for. Mine died, and I took it to Bap/Geon. They took it to the warehouse and found one that looked like it. Works fine.


The Weber 45 DCOE carburetor (with appropriate manifold) should work.

Generic 12v coils:

Pre-1984, Minis had external ballast resistors, after that it was inside the coil itself. If you need an external ballast resistor, the parts counter person might not be able to get a stupid ballast resistor unless you tell him what kind of car.  Try: "'74 Dodge Dart, slant 6, auto, green with vinyl roof"

Head Gasket:

Felpro has a head gasket for the 1275 Sprite/Midget (Spridget) that works just fine on a 1275 Mini.  For engine-related stuff, usually ask for pre-1975 Midget parts.  At least it gives the person behind the counter something to focus on.  For 848cc engines, most of the mini vendors sell the gaskets as small bore and large bore.  The 850 is a small bore: for instance. Which means ... you could spec one for a vintage sprite or midget form NAPA.  Which means ... NAPA Cylinder Head Gasket BA0350140 $13.99 should work fine.


Mr. Gasket

Other temps are available.  Integrated blanking sleeve makes this a winner.

Hydraulic Brake Light Switch:

As posted on the Mini Mania forum by the user PTC1000:
"I just put in an ACCEL 181101 and it is much more sensitive than the last one. It's a replacement for a Harley, and looking at the Harley forums, it seems to be what most people use when the ones on their bikes die. It's a funny size... 25mm socket, but other than that it's a direct replacement, blade terminals and all."

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