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More About MOT:
Our History in Pictures 1998 - 2000

Before we became "Mini Owners of Texas" - MOT for short - we were just a bunch of Mini enthusiasts sharing an email list on what later became YahooGroups.  Then we decided we needed to have our own "Meet & Greet" gatherings.

The first three years of the club history as told in photos.  More history and events at the links listed at the end of this page.
(Note: SCTMLM means "South Central Texas Mini List Meet")

1998: SCTMLM-1

This is where it all began. The date was May 9th, 1998. The place was Rooty's at the corner of Broadway and Loop 410 in San Antonio (a burger & Root Beer place). A group of dedicated Texas (and Louisiana!) MINIacs who knew each other well through e-mail correspondence decided that it was finally time to get together and meet face-to-face.

Here's a shot of some of the original MOTley crew inside the bus at Rooty's. Looking from left-to-right, we have Bruce Kyckelhawn from Houston, Mike Bruno from Seguin, Bruce Kennedy from San Antonio, the Waltons from Houston, and Tim Bruno.

Out in the parking lot, we find Bruce Kennedy showing off his Morris MINI Traveler:


Then there's John Lieberman's 1965 SCCA D-Prepared Austin Mini:


Finally, there's Jeff Kirsten's Austin Cooper:


A good time was had by all and everyone there vowed to get together again the following summer, which many of them did!

1999: SCTMLM-2

So - we got together and did it again! On July 17, 1999, the survivors of SCTMLM-1 and some new additions met again at Rooty's in San Antonio. The result was more cars, more people, and more fun.

Here we are back on the bus again at Rooty's - one year later. Going from left to right we have Travis Langhart, Melissa Falcon, Derrel Heginbotham, Michael Playle, Josh Sands, ?, Steve Gluskoter, Bruce Kennedy, and Derek Salvage:

Bruce Kennedy's Morris Mini Traveler with John Lieberman's trailered Austin Mini racecar in the background:

                                                                                                     Josh Sands' Austin Mini Saloon

Some other pictures of the other cars at the gathering.


2000: SCTMLM-3

Here we go again! The date was August 5, 2000. The place was, again, Rooty's at Broadway and Loop 410 in San Antonio. This time, the event saw 6 cars, 11 people, and one dog. Needless to say, another good time was had by all!

Here we are back on the bus, again, at Rooty's. This time, though, we're shooting from front to rear. Looking from left to right we have: Michael Playle, Derek Salvage, Maureen & John Wright, Angel and Madeline (MadDog) Ruiz, Elaine (holding Short Stack) & Skip Laughlin, Bruce Kennedy, and Mike Bruno:

Here we are, again, from a slightly different perspective. Skip took this one with his digital camera as opposed to my cheap disposable 35mm. Looking from left to right we have: Me (John Lieberman,) Derek Salvage, Maureen Wright, Angel & Madeline Ruiz, Elaine Laughlin (still holding Short Stack,) Bruce Kennedy, and Michael Playle.

As we mosey on out to the parking lot, we find six little Minis all lined up in a row and a bunch of dedicated MINIacs comparing notes. Again, going from left to right, the cars are owned by John Lieberman, Michael Playle, Skip Laughlin, Angel Ruiz, Bruce Kennedy, and Derek Salvage.

Now, if we start at the right hand side of the line and work our way down, here are some individual shots.

Let's start with Derek Salvage:

Next, there's Bruce Kennedy:

Then, there's Angel Ruiz:

Next, we have Skip Laughlin:

Now we move to Michael Playle's latest acquisition. Though it may be registered as a '70, it's a whole different kettle of fish under that bonnet!

And, finally, there's John Lieberman's SCCA autocross Mini:

But don't go away! There's more to come!! And these are better quality pics, too!!! Skip Laughlin took these with his digital camera.


Angel, John, MadDog, Michael, and Bruce scoping out Michael's car:

Michael's "not a '70" engine:

John filling his pipe beside his racecar:

Angel's engine

Angel and Michael discussing Angel's car

Angel checking his camera behind Bruce's Taveller

Bruce's immaculate engine compartment

Derek's also-immaculate engine compartment

John L, John W, Angel, Maureen, MadDog, Bruce, and Michael seek shelter from the San Antonio summer heat on Rooty's patio.

Finally, here's a pic of Skip and Bruce looking over Bruce's car. It was shot by potential Miniac Jason Risner. Let's all put the pressure on him to become a member! He takes GREAT pics!!!

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