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Events 2001
Events From 2001

There were five events in 2001 that MOT held/attended that received write ups.  Below are those write ups and their associated pictures. 

MINIs in the (Dallas) Park - 04/28/01

Here's Skip Laughlin's account of the gathering:

Well, it was my park as you can see in the attached photos.  Attendees were Grover Maurer, Angel and Maddy Ruiz, John Wright and his family, and Franklin Joseph.

Since Franklin's car isn't here yet and Angel's and John's are still down for repairs, the 5 guys piled into Grover's and my Minis and we proceeded to terrorize <grin> all the narrow, twisty FM and smaller roads to the north of me.  I don't know how far we drove, but were out for 2 hours  What a blast.  Grover said I was trying to get him in trouble, but I was leading!

Came back here for beer and burgers.  Then Grover and I had to wash our cars after dark to get ready for ...

Sunday the same group, except Franklin who went to the CART race that was canceled, reconvened at the Dallas All British Car Day.  There were 4 Mini's and about 100 other cars.  Grandma Jan is doing another screen saver of the event for me.  It will includes pics of the Mini's as well as some of the other really neat cars that were there.  One of the best was a 1933 Morris roadster - forerunner of the MG.  Had a very clean 57 or so Morris 1000, prepped for racing, as well as an Austin Taxi in our Austin row.


Houston MINI Meet

The date - Saturday, May 19, 2001.
The place - Houston, Texas.
The what - Jason Angros put together a meet and invited a few other car nuts as well.  Travis Langhart gives the following account:

It was a very sunny day in Houston and a real good turnout for the club. Those in attendance were Me and Melissa (the Moke stayed home,) Bruce Kennedy with his red '72 daily driver, Mike Morgan with his almost complete yellow '66 MINI (very nice,) Jason Angros with his blue '69 MINI, Arturo Lee and his white '71MINI, Bruce Kyckelhahn and his red '61 MINI and, of course, Derek Salvage with his red '64 Cooper S.  There were a few other cars there, too, including a '98 Lotus Elise (awesome,) a Lotus Esprit, a few Porches, and one Jag.  The winner of the walnut dash giveaway was Mike Morgan.

Here are some pics from that gathering:

Little Minis - all in a row

TR6 & Jason Angros's Mini

Arturo Lee's Mini

Bruce Kennedy and his Mini

Bruce Kyckelhahn's Mini

Derek Salvage's Mini

Mike Morgan's Mini


Lotus Elise

The "other guys" with Derek's and Jason's Minis

Mini Challenge - 2001

Angel and Maddie Ruiz had the golden opportunity to attend the Mini Challenge this year in California.  Here's his report and a whole bunch of pics:

Maddie and I just got back from the Mini Challenge at Laguna Seca in Monterey, CA, and it was the most exciting and biggest Mini event I have ever attended.  In all, there were about 100 Mini's there, split about 40 race Mini's and 60 spectator Mini's.  While there, we met an elderly couple (80 yrs old) who had recently purchased a 72/96 Mini and they offered us a chance to ride with them when the spectator Mini's were allowed to do a couple of laps around the track.  We stuck to them like you know what.  No way we were going to miss this opportunity.  What a thrill, 60 mini's going down the track including a mini Limo from Washington State.  Oh man, Mini heaven.  The mini race was also exciting, though it seems that the more race-prepared the Mini was, the worse it ran. The New MINI finished the race but it wasn't very competitive running in the back of the pack with the smaller displacement engines.  It just couldn't keep up with the Big Dogs.


San Antonio mini-MOT meet

The date was Friday, July 27, 2001.  The place was Taco Flats on West Avenue in San Antonio.  John Lieberman, Bruce Kennedy, and Carlos Guerrero decided to get together over a a couple of tall cool ones and kick a few MINI tires while John was home on vacation.  Here's Carlos' account of the evening:

Well, both members of the San Antonio chapter were represented!!  Our fearless leader also attended.  What a fun time visiting and talking Minis with you two.  We will definitely have to get together very soon, well maybe once it cools down a little outside, hehe.  Of course we talked so long that it was almost dark when we took the pictures, but with a little help from Adobe we brought the sun back out.  I think the pictures are passable.

ABCD - ROUND ROCK - 10/07/01

Several MOT members gathered in Round Rock, Texas, for All British Car Days 2001.  Here is Skip Laughlin's account:

There were 8 entrants:
Jason Angros
Skip Laughlin (1st)
Grover Maurer (2nd)
Bruce Kennedy (3rd)
Graham Davies
Travis Langhart
Mike Morgan
Craig Burchsted
and John Hungerford showed up late in the silver one.

This serious looking group was considering the best way to help Jason adjust the mix on his carb.  It was not a "mini" carb, but off some other marque.  The piston was frozen in place.  Jason had been driving with about 1/2 choke and could only make 50 mph!  Once they got the piston free, everything got better.  Hope he got back to Houston OK!  (He did!)


Travis brought lots of donated goodies to give away.  Hopefully he will post the winners.  Every Mini owner present won something.  Thanks to Travis.

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